Catching up with John White, President of Lipsey Logistics & Lipsey Trucking

May 21, 2019

When John White assumed the role of President of Lipsey Logistics & Lipsey Trucking in April 2019, he was resolute in continuing the company’s reputation for being focused, fast, and responsive. And though he’s new to this specific role at Lipsey, he’s certainly no stranger to the company’s values and dedication to service for every partner, every time.

“Having worked closely with Lipsey during my 13-year tenure at US Xpress and since its inception back in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, I have watched from a distance as the company continued to grow and mature,” White says. “From providing disaster relief to both state and federal agencies to the strategic approach to fleet and freight management, this company exudes a can-do attitude that is rarely matched.”

According to White, it’s this very spirit and heartbeat of the company that causes the customer retainment rate to be so impressive at Lipsey. “Our customers know they can rely on us to make the impossible possible. Our ability to execute is the hallmark of our success and something that attracted me to this position.”

With more than 35 years working for JB Hunt, Swift, and US Xpress, some of the country’s most successful and iconic trucking brands, White aspires to continue to grow the Lipsey’s success and overall culture.

“The culture here is one of mutual respect, where differences are embraced and celebrated. The work ethic is unsurpassed, and the folks here are all willing to make personal sacrifices to get the job done, all the while exceeding our customers expectations,” says White. He describes the way in which Lipsey employees chose to volunteer in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to provide relief support for those individuals whose lives had been torn apart by the storm. He says he was moved by the way those individuals stayed behind to work long hours for weeks on end, even sleeping in the office at times, to ensure all obligations to the customers and residents of Puerto Rico were met.

“I care so much about the reputation of our company; I want the world to see just how much time, effort, and care our people put into every relationship we have with every customer. The ultimate reward is to see our employees accept new and rewarding challenges—both professionally and personally,” he explains. “I hope to enable our company to become a supplier that expands upon existing relationships and fosters new ones. We aspire to continue adapting and evolving to the changes to our industry while providing the best possible career opportunities for our employees.”

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