Collaborative Transportation Management

Lipsey Logistics Collaborative Transportation management (CTM) service allows you to leverage the power of a global third-party logistics provider. Let Lipsey manage and develop an efficient supply-chain solution so that you can focus on your core competencies.


It’s no secret that your supply chain fluctuates as your business and customer demands change. Without a flexible, effective system, your business can easily crumble. Often, it’s helpful to have an outside, unbiased viewpoint and analysis to get you to the next level. Lipsey combines our deep roots in transportation, distribution, and warehousing to help you unleash your supply chain potential.

Building a Supply Chain Plan

An efficient supply chain is the backbone to a successful business. Outsource your supply chain management to Lipsey to spend more time on what matters most to you. We analyze your supply chain strategy, transportation and distribution networks, as well as your factory and delivery locations. Lipsey helps you determine the optimal number of distribution centers, cross-docks, transportation opportunities, and other critical functions involved in the supply chain. Together, we’ll craft a plan that gets your shipments to their destinations efficiently and at a cost-conscious rate.

Storage & Distribution

More than ever, consumers are relying on quick, reliable deliveries. To stay competitive, Lipsey can help you reduce warehousing and distribution costs while improving inventory accuracy. From staff hiring and training to inventory management and packaging, Lipsey can do it all. We offer a range of solutions to improve your supply chain and distribution processes.

Transportation Network

How flexible is your transportation network? Does it align with the fluctuating demands of your industry? If the answers are no, you’re not alone. Managing this crucial network is tedious and expensive.

That’s where Lipsey comes in. Lipsey has the expertise and experience in helping you design and optimize your transportation network. Whether you need help with planning, procurement, or tracking, Lipsey can help. This partnership lets you better manage your assets, streamline workflows, and improve customer service