Flatbed movements are often required to move commodities too large for a van, or when specific load configurations are required. By partnering with Lipsey you gain access to an active network of carriers managed by members of our Flatbed Carrier Team.

The Right Equipment

Lipsey’s Flatbed Team has the experience to handle your shipments regardless of configuration. Whether it’s an over-dimensional wind turbine; a standard load of fuel, or a heavy-haul anchor – Lipsey has the capacity to get the job done safely, on-time, and cost-efficiently.

Safety & Special Projects

Members of the Flatbed Team ensure that our carriers have the necessary chains, straps, tarps, and more to ensure a safe movement. Additionally, we are able to provide onsite management to coordinate special projects.


Often overlooked, flatbed freight can often require permits, escorts, intrastate agreements, and surveys. Leave the technicalities to our team and focus on your core business.