Private Fleet and Dedicated Lanes

Some shippers prefer the reliability of partnering with a major third-party logistics provider, but want the familiarity of an asset. As a leading 3PL, Lipsey Logistics is able to be very creative when it comes to your network needs. By running a network analysis Lipsey’s Dedicated Carrier Team can find synchronies that allow us to provide shippers with private fleets and dedicated carriers at competitive pricing.
By harnessing the power of Lipsey Logistics shippers will never need to worry about volume spikes, short-term projects, or capacity crunches.

Project Freight and Pop-Up Fleets

With Lipsey you gain access to a one-stop-shop and a team of specialists who can effectively manage temporary lanes, project freight, power only solutions, and other unique requirements. Additionally, Lipsey is able to provide a physical presence in order to help coordinate and facilitate your operation.
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